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Bonecos de Santo Aleixo

Traditional Puppets from Alentejo 

It seems that traditional puppets from Alentejo had their origin in a village with the same name. They are stringed puppets manipulated from above as the big puppets from the Southern Italy and the Northern Europe, but smaller (from 20 to 40 centimetres). Now, that they are property of Centro Cultural de Évora, they are manipulated by a “Family” formed by professional actors who, in a permanent interaction with Mr. Talhinhas and others, go on with the research work, keeping this expression of art alive.

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Robertos and other Marionettes it’s a Show where traditional and new manipulation techniques live together captivating the spectator’s attention towards a journey into the magic world of Marionettes. In this Show, traditional techniques such as string-operated puppets, glove puppets, shadows, or Bullfight puppets, are disclosed from the little cabin where the manipulator, whistling sharp sounds, underlines the crazy rhythm of the Robertos, combining with innovative techniques including the use of the hand or the manipulator’s arm as a base point to build the marionette.

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