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  The name "Almaplana" means pure soul, simplicity, plain, the Alentejo and its vast horizons.

The group’s origin is linked to the city of Évora, to the University, the cradle of the project, and to the culture of the Alentejo. Its music is the result of originals composed by the group, but also from incursions through traditional Portuguese music, compositions of other places, the sound of the violin, double bass, guitar and voice.

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Minimize Banda da Associação Filarmónica 24 de Junho
   The “24 de Junho” Philharmonic Association Band was shaped from a music school created in January 1981  by the local authorities who ran at the time the former municipal corporation of  São Miguel de Machede.It  started in September 19, 1981, merely with musicians coming from the music School. Currently the band is comprised of 40 musicians, between the ages of 13 and 55. Mr. Eduardo José Malagueiro Correia is in charge since March 2003. Currently is chaired by Mr Manuel Inácio Rico.
Minimize Banda Filarmónica da Casa do Povo de Nª Sª de Machede

The “Casa do Povo de Nossa Senhora de Machede Philharmonic Band” was founded in 1907, thanks to the commitment and determination of members and leaders of the former collectivity "União Instructiva e Recreativa Machedense". In 1977 the band underwent reorganization and the music school was formed, starting with about 70 students of both sexes.  In the following years until the present, the School has kept a regular frequency of 25 students. In 1999 was created the Light Orchestra, comprised of 17 members of both sexes. Today the Philharmonic Band consists of 40 performers of both sexes and his Maestro, Professor and Artistic Director since October 1992, Francisco Henrique Canoa Ribeiro.

Minimize Banda Filarmónica do Grupo União e Recreio Azarujense

The “Grupo União e Recreio Azarujense” Philharmonic Band was probably founded, in the last decades of the 19th century, 1860-70, and was integrated into the Grupo União e Recreio Azarujense, following the merger, on October 8, 1929, of two recreational groups that existed at the beginning of the century in Azaruja: the “Clube Azarujense” and the “Grupo de Instrução e Recreio Azarujense”. The group has increased and there are currently. 38 members of both sexes, whose ages range from 10 to 68 years. A music school of free tuition was also created, which currently has 25 students. The band is conducted by maestro Aníbal Manuel Teixeira Simplício since June 8, 2003.

Minimize Grupo Cantares de Évora

The Cantares de Évora Choral Group was founded in 1979 in order to occupy in Évora a "Cultural Gap” devoted to Traditional Alentejo Singing.
Their repertoire of “Traditional Old Songs", hold total allegiance to the traditional Chansonnier, without any arrangements or changes to neither songs nor poems, which are always of popular source. Has the particularity of being a mixed Choir, counting today with around 25 voices.

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Minimize No Mazurka Band

No Mazurka Band [NMB] bets on giving strength to the [Portuguese] Ball and [Portuguese] traditional instruments. Starting with Viras (Minho) and Corridinhos (Algarve), passing through Valses (west of Trás-os-Montes), Jotas, Repasseados, Passo Dobles or  Rumbas, and ending in fresh original compositions, NMB arrange their music with melodic instruments, creating amazing harmonies each time the dance step begins.

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Group of Portuguese Music – “Roda Pé”

The group was founded t in December of 1997, as a Cultural Association, its headquarters is in Évora. 
The group’s repertoire is based in originals and arrangements of popular themes.  The musical orientation of the group doesn’t have a strict reference, instead intends to create a sound of its own, as original as possible. 

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Minimize Sons do Vagar

Sons do Vagar is the result from a visit to the vocal and instrumental memory of the Alentejo.

The group is composed by a musician who plays traditional musical instruments and two feminine voices; together they embody a very simple and sincere tribute to our musical identity.

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  Uxu Kalhus Trad-Folk-Rock Band

Muscled Performances / Chameleonic Sonorities / Radical Trad. / Subversive Folk / Progressive Ball.

Malhão, Viras, Corridinhos, Círculos, Mazurcas, Chotiças, natural acoustic sounds combined with the power of the new technology and crazy harmonies are “Trade Mark” of the group.

Afro-Jazz-Rock-Ska-Classic influences are combined with the traditional Portuguese music and the result is an explosive and new Portuguese fusion style. 

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