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The key objective of the Resources Centre of Oral Tradition is to systematize, preserve and publish know-how and traditional cultural practices.

Departing from the identification, recovery, and valorisation of intangible cultural heritage, and traditions embedded in collective memory, the Centre creates conditions to give back the community its structural identity, and becomes an important tool, contributing to reflect and analyse about how much today’s society think and represent their identity and culture.

Making use of a whole set of instruments, technical and scientific support, the Centre uses a methodology to establish a permanent and balanced relationship between tradition and modernity.

Within the scope of the project Oralities, two major subjects will be approached at the Centre: 1 - Oral tradition, through popular tales, life stories, folksong-books and collections of romances; 2 – Southern Europe and Mediterranean Music, with Early and Traditional music and Renaissance music.

Taking into account that oral tradition is a important part of identity, cultural traditions of all partner cities will be worked upon, intending to find common traces, affinities and diversity, which can facilitate a intercultural exchange of ideas, cooperation between each partner and the reinforcement of European Citizenship.


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  Oralidades ao encontro de Giacometti
Oralities revisits Giacometti

Book organized by the Municipality of Évora within the Oralities Project and the Resource Centre of Oral Tradition

Presented at the Book Fair in Évora on 3 June 2011