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The  Oralities Project is an initiative under the European Culture Programme 2007-2013 and involves an international partnership between the municipalities of Évora, Idanha-a-Nova and Mértola (Portugal) Ourense (Spain) Ravenna (Italy) Birgu (Malta ) and Sliven (Bulgaria), joined in a vast program of cooperation and cultural exchange based on common aspects of the European communities, highlighting particularly Southern European  musical tradition (both in its traditional as well as classical  side) and oral tradition (folktales, folksong-books, collection of romances and life stories). Between 2008 and 2012 a regular programme will be developed in all partnership cities (Music Festivals and Circuits, Oral Tradition Cities Network). The municipality of Évora, as leader of the project, will create a Resource Centre of Oral Tradition.

The Oralities Project seeks to establish a permanent and balanced relationship between tradition and modernity. This option consists in working the orality in its various forms of communication from verbal to musical soundscapes.


The oralities were and are amongst the most important components in the formation of human communities with regard to their essential structure as is the case of production/reproduction of language, culture, behaviour and attitudes.


Today orality, within a new framework of globalised cultural references and almost unlimited technological tools continue to be an essential factor for intercultural dialogue, social cohesion, to the global development and to create and strengthen the components of European citizenship.


This project aims to enhance the immaterial cultural common heritage of Southern European territory from its identity and memory components based on centuries of cultural matrices.

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April 23, 2013
Ourense - Galicia

Last Technical Meeting between partners of Oralities Project

Resource Centre of Oral Tradition

II International Conference on Oral Tradition

I International Conference on Oral Tradition